Electrical Range

Thor has developed a range of electric fryers in a variety of sizes. They are stainless steel in construction and are available in single or double pan models. With a high emphasis on safety and hygiene, Thor Fryers are equipped with multiple safety features and are designed to be easily broken down for cleaning.

Thor Fryers offer high performance, excellent efficiency and are easy to operate. They are compact, lightweight and portable.

Thor Electric Fryers are suitable for counter top operation and are supplied with a plug and lead for easy plug in and set up. Perfect for lower volume restaurants, cafes, mobile catering and other foodservice operations; the fryer is ideal for fries, chicken, fish, onion rings and any other products that you want to fry quick and easy.

Stainless steel construction  Tilt back and removable electrical head assemble to assist with cleaning and removal of oil tank  Immersion type stainless steel tubular element  Element  protector  and tank base plate Thermostat control and indicator light  Temperature range : 40˚C-190˚C / 105˚F - 370˚F  Thermal overload protection   Electrical safety isolation switch  Nickel plated steel mesh frying basket Stainless steel oil tank, easy to remove for cleaning and draining of oil   Stainless steel lid  Non slip feet                       
Optional Features:  Twin nickel plated fryer baskets                       
  Digital timer                       

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