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Thor Pasta Cooker

The Thor Pasta Cooker comes with portion size baskets, timer control, thermostat control and a drainage tap.
Stainless steel in construction, the counter top electric Pasta Cooker is ideal for the kitchen with limited space. The
Thor Pasta Cooker is reliable and efficient, and can be used at any time to cook pasta quickly.



Stainless steel construction - #304 grade Tilt back and removable electrical head assemble to assist with cleaning and removal of oil tank Immersion type stainless steel tubular element    Element protector and tank base plate Thermostat control and indicator light Temperature range : 30˚C-100˚C / 85˚F - 215˚F                       
Thermal overload protection    Electrical safety isolation switch Audible digital timer 4 stainless steel mesh baskets    Stainless steel water tank with drain Stainless steel lid Non slip feet                        
Optional Features:                           
Quad and twin baskets

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