Gas Range

The Thor range of gas equipment includes an extensive and versatile array of oven and cook top options. To compliment the oven ranges Thor also provides a full series of Char Broilers, Griddles, Hot Plates and Fryers in a variety of sizes to round out its gas range offer.

Durable in construction, with an emphasis on performance, the Thor range allows you to run your kitchen efficiently and productively. The range is well built and offers flexibility, performance, style and value for money.

The gas range has been designed to cope with the rigors of medium to high volume cooking operations. Heavy duty construction along with heavy duty, and aesthetically features. Feet, dials, handles and cooking surfaces have been developed with rigidity and reliability at the forefront, while efficient high BTU burners and quality control valves have been used to offer performance, reliability, and recovery to cope with kitchen demands and produce optimum cooking performance.

Modular in design, the thor gas range’s broad scope of catorgories and sizes, should provide you solutions to your commercial kitchen.

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02 January 2018
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